What kind of LED underwater light is better for your swimming pool?

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August 13, 2019
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What kind of LED underwater light is better for your swimming pool?

Because the LED underwater pool light is used under the water, it needs to bear certain pressure, so it is generally made of stainless steel, 8-10mm toughened glass, high-quality waterproof connector, silicone rubber sealing ring, arc multiangle refraction reinforced glass, waterproof, dustproof, anti-leakage, and corrosion-resistant.
1.LED underwater light is a kind of LED light source, and the underwater lighting composed of red, green and blue with mixed color changes is the perfect choice for the fountain, theme park, exhibition, business, and art lighting. In order to make LED underwater lamps better heat dissipation, it is recommended to put the lamps under the water.

  1. The waterproof effect of LED underwater light reaches IP65 because it has a good waterproof effect, the lamp can be placed below 5 meters from the water surface. The best Angle of light is 25. The controller controls to achieve the synchronous effect and can be connected to the DMX console. Each unit has a separate address, and the red, green and blue channels are composed of three corresponding DMX channels. There are two control modes: external control and internal control. Without external control, multiple change modes can be built in without external control (up to six types), while external control requires the configuration of external control controller to realize color change.
  2. The LED underwater light is the best super bright LED as the light source, and the light bulb can glow for 100,000 hours. Each underwater lamp consists of 360 light sources (120 red, 120 blue, and 120 green). Good light source material makes lamp life is longer, obtain the most satisfactory illume result.
  3. The LED underwater light is connected with the control system by a five-core wire. The whole system includes a DMX controller, a power distribution box and lamps and distribution which can be placed in water. The perfect combination of the whole lamp.
  4. The LED underwater light has a movable clamp, which can adjust the angle and position of light casting. The whole lamp is perfectly designed to prevent the erosion of bromine and chlorine effectively.
    The LED of swimming pool lights underwater is called the fourth generation light source or a green light source, which is characterized by energy saving, environmental protection, long life, and small size. When it is electrified, it can be sent in a variety of colors and colorful, usually in parks or fountain pools.

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