What are the advantages of the electronic hotel locks?

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July 11, 2019
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July 11, 2019

What are the advantages of the electronic hotel locks?

There are a variety of electronic hotel locks on the market, but the quality is very different. Many Hotels will ask for the requirements in the bidding when bidding, but the Chinese people are mainly considering the price. Some of the OEMs have succeeded in winning the low price, but the electronic hotel locks often have this problem, even if the same batch of Locks is difficult to guarantee uniform quality.

Here are some advantages of the electronic hotel locks:

  1. 16-bit processor, more powerful than the traditional 8-bit processor, the program efficiency is higher.
  2. With reset protection circuit, even if there is strong interference, the circuit also guarantees normal operation.
  3. Built-in FLASH as a memory, will have a very big leap than the performance of the EEPROM as a memory, the data storage speed is increased by an order of magnitude, the confidentiality is strong, can’t be modified, EEPROM memory erasing life is only 100,000 times.
  4. Built-in clock, the traditional circuit uses an external clock circuit, but the external clock circuit is easier to stop the clock when the battery is not normal, using the built-in clock, the clock will go slow for a period of time, there will be no larger error.
  5. Using industrial grade crystal, high quality components to ensure high quality products.
  6. Unique decoding circuit, built-in 2 sets of decoding procedures, any card can ensure correct reading, even if the card touches the metal shell of the door Lock, the same can be opened.
  7. Unique frequency Locking technology, can guarantee the frequency of 125kHz in any environment, the card is not affected by the environment. When the temperature difference changes, it can cause the thermal expansion and contraction of the coil, which leads to frequency changes, which often affects the card reading. Seriously, the door will not open, and our technology has completely solved this problem.
  8. Low-power design, 4 section of the 5th alkaline battery, can ensure that the door Lock works normally for about a year. Using microwave sensing technology, the battery power consumption is completely solved.
  9. Built-in 256 open door records.

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