Smart door locks are on the rise, are you still watching?

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July 12, 2019
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July 15, 2019

Smart door locks are on the rise, are you still watching?

Smart home products are constantly coming in. The smart door locks, as an important part of smart homes, have developed rapidly in this wave. It is understood that at present in the home improvement market, the demand for smart door locks is increasing year by year, and the market is gradually expanding.

The real estate community standard smart door locks has become a trend. In today’s technology, smart door locks seem to be more in line with the needs of the times. Traditional property management and security companies can only play the most basic security check. To truly achieve a Safe, convenient and intelligent living environment, developers need to provide more intelligent technology products. As the latest generation of intelligent security system, “the master’s fingerprint Lock” meets all security needs of users.

Fingerprint door Lock is the use of human biometric fingerprint for identity security identification. It has the characteristics of irreplaceable, incapable of copying and uniqueness. It adopts high-tech digital image processing, biometric identification and DSP algorithm technology, which is new in line with modern security requirements. A generation of access control systems. In developed countries in Europe and America, the popularity of smart door locks is very high, not only widely used in commercial office buildings and other fields, but also into the family life of ordinary people. According to statistics, in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, smart door locks account for 50% of the market for civilian Locks. In neighboring countries,such as Japan and South Korea, smart Locks account for more than 65% of civilian Locks, especially in South Korea, where the use of smart door locks in apartments is as high as 90%. The reason why the fingerprint Lock is favored by many foreign users, in addition to the advanced technology of the fingerprint Lock itself, more importantly, he changed the user’s family lifestyle. With the use of fingerprint Locks, the security access control system has become Safer, smarter and more convenient, which greatly enhances the security of the residents’ access control system and gives the residents a more enjoyable smart living experience. Faced with the user’s demand for and love for smart life, more communities began to add “smart security system” in the handover standard to enhance the user’s recognition of the project and the volume of residential transactions.

Today, with the growing popularity of smart homes, the development of fingerprint Locks has become “unstoppable” and has gradually become the leader of anti-theft locks. Its safety and convenience meets the needs of consumers very well, and I believe that in the near future, it will become the choice of more and more families!

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