Reasons Why Free Standing Bath Tubs Are Used in Standard Living Areas

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May 19, 2020
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May 19, 2020

Reasons Why Free Standing Bath Tubs Are Used in Standard Living Areas

Bathtubs are a common feature in free-standing houses, but why? Do we really need one? The reasons for a bathtub to be free standing or in a standalone bathroom often have little to do with health and hygiene.

In a typical single room apartment, the cost of such a bathroom would often outweigh any appreciable cost of heating it up, meaning that the ‘standard’ dwelling was still going to be inhabitable in winter. This is perhaps why the first mention of a bathtub is often the kitchen. In the same way that electricity is the most commonly sought after commodity on the market, so is water. So often in the kitchen one will find a basin and a shower enclosure, where as in the bedroom, they are joined by a vanity area.

Such tubs are used in daycare, day cares, schools and nurseries. They are still used for bathing children in the afternoons as well as during the night. Some bathrooms incorporate a separate bath in their design, as they can be converted to suit their purpose. Of course, this is only possible with stainless steel or ceramic work, as these are expensive materials to manufacture.

Bath tubs can be a pain when storing when you consider all the boxes you have to store around your room, and also how much space you must spare for your storage space. Free standing bath tubs can be stored in baskets or stacked on top of each other.

What are the advantages of free standing bath tubs over standalone bathroom tubs? One big advantage is the fact that the bath can be quickly and easily reconfigured to suit your changing bathroom needs, without the expense of buying a new vanity or tub.

On top of that, many bath tubs can be easily adapted to a stand alone tub by simply adding a shower screen. These screens will usually be fitted after measuring the dimensions of the tub you wish to install. If they fit perfectly, then you have the opportunity to save on the cost of a new bathtub.

It is important that the bathroom be fitting with a cupboard to hold toiletries, and other items such as towels, accessories and toilet roll holders. The small number of free standing bath tubs we find in standard bathroom designs is often replaced with a vanity unit that has an adjustable bench.

Often these benches have shelves underneath, allowing the user to take away and replace the toiletries, while the shelf can be turned into a vanity bench, or even a vanity seat. The combination of built in sink, vanity and shower tray can be a real money saver, as well as saving valuable floor space and keeping the bathroom look tidy.

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