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May 1, 2014
April 29, 2014

Be-Tech makes available a lot of options and at times, it feels like this option are too much. When you have a lot of options to choose from, it is very difficult to decide the best and the safest option to employ that is why it is very good to seek the consent of a safe expert when there is a need for you to purchase cabinet locks.




There are several questions that you might want to ask about the type of lock to be employed? Some of the questions include which lock is the best option to be employed? Is a key cabinet lock safe? Should I employ an electronic type of cabinet lock? What are the consequences if I misplace the code? These are reasonable questions and we provide answers to them on a daily basis.
So which is better as your cabinet lock? An electronic lock or a key lock?
Most of this narrows down to an easy choice we have to make like which do you prefer the most? Certain people prefer to possess a key as they feel that it is more secure to them. In this our modern world, most people would rather choose to opt in for an electronic cabinet lock.
The major disadvantage of employing a key lock is that they are breakable and can be easily misplaced.
There are also the modernized locking alternatives which in other words are electronic locks.
In our modernized world today where technology is getting better and better, no one is surprised at the popularity of electronic lock for cabinets. Electronic cabinet locks are suitable for safe that are employed for more than one person for example safes employed at restaurants, schools, etc. because of the way it engineered, you can change your code easily without complications. The only disadvantage of the electronic lock is that they are more costly compared to key locks. You don’t have to worry about that because Be-Tech has got you covered. Our products are ridiculously affordable and durable. Due to this disadvantage, people usually don’t opt in for electronic locks because of the price as it is one of the major factors you consider when selecting a safe.