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Aluminium Extrusion Suppliers: Xingfa Aluminium Provides Aluminium Profile For Macau MGM

As the international famous tourist city, Macau has made great progress in the return of China in 20 years. Every visitor passing through Macau will be attracted by the building which full of design. It looks like a large and exquisite jewellery box. It always shine day and night. The "jewellery box" is the project that uses Xingfa Aluminum aluminium window supplier, which is officially opened on February 13th, 2018. Its opening will become a new landmark for the Macau Road.


Picture: MGM COTAI Macau Uses Xingfa Aluminium Curtain Wall ①


Picture: MGM COTAI Macau Uses Xingfa Aluminium Curtain Wall ②

MGM COTAI Macau, with the meaning of "beautiful golden lion and beautiful MGM," covers an area of more than 4 million square feet, and the total investment of 3.4 billion U.S. dollars, including Asia's first dynamic theater, the plaza, and innovative restaurant, retail and family facilities. As the latest landmark of MGM COTAI Macau, the American Lion of MGM reflects the joint efforts of architectural and design professionals to inject creativity into every corner of the hotel. MGM COTAI Macau won the China Green Building (Macao) Design Identity Certificate.


Pearl Jewellery Box Design

The stunning "jewellery box" design is inspired by local culture and modern design. The iconic three-storey tower structure of MGM COTAI Macau is used base layer and cantilevered to show Chinese decoration. It is understood that the "jewellery box" consumes a total of about 16.7 million kilograms of steel , which is equal to the total weight of about 18,000 cars. It consumes about 300,000 cubic meters of concrete,which is equal to about 90 Olympic swimming pools’ pondage.


Spectacle Square

Spectacle square is the centre of the hotel, is one of the most attractive ideas of MGM COTAI Macau. The all-glass backdrop design has 25 LED screens, which can display four-storey images. The top cover of the screen is bigger than a football field! One of them is the largest LED screen in the world. The screen displays lots of famous artistic works in the world to make visitors think about the world. The square will also change its atmosphere according to the weather, day and night, seasons, and even every move of the guests. At the same time, Spectacle Square has the world's largest indoor art garden "Art of Nature" and the garden has planted more than 100,000 trees. With more than 2,000 different plants, all of these facilities will place guests in beautiful and unforgettable scenes.


Acrobatic Theater

MGM Theater is the first diversified motion theatre in Asia and can accommodate up to 2,000 visitors. The theater is equipped with 900 square metre extra large 4K (or ultra-high definition) LED display, which is also the largest permanent interior in the world.


The Golden Lion

The Golden Lion, the symbol of MGM, stands at the entrance of MGM. It is 11 meters high and weighs 38 tons. It is made of approximately 32,000 pieces of 24K gold foil and is the first MGM lion to be covered with 24K gold foil. The visitors attract and welcome visitors from all over the world to experience the unique urban charm of Macau.

MGM - the new landmark focuses on high-tech digital art and matches a large number of natural elements to make everyone enjoy the sense of innovation and enjoy the green living style. As the most innovative integrated resort hotel in Macau, it will create its own moments.

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