mini golf cart for sale 6.19

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June 24, 2020

mini golf cart for sale 6.19

Electric mini golf cart is becoming more and more popular. They are common used in the golf course, resorts, villas, garden hotels, air port, tourist attractions schools and private users  and so on. Mini golf cart regard as  the short-distance transportation because their range is not  very long. Let us learn more about the mini golf cart for sale.

Our mini golf cart for sale has  the following advantages so we could attract a lot of customers at home and abroad. Firstly, they has the low chassis which  is convenient for the passenger to  get on and get off  from the car. Secondly, it has small turning radius, flexible operation, vacuum wide tire, compound front suspension system, excellent damping performance and stable so that makes the journey more comfortably. Last but not least, the mini golf cart’s  rear suspension adopts leaf spring damping with high spring back and high load bearing leaf spring design so the load performance of the whole vehicle is superior.

Our mini golf cart for sale has  the following seats : 2, 4, 6 and 8 seats model. The mini golf cart  for sale generally using battery-driven and the max maximum speed is about 18-24km per hour. They have stronger climbing ability, usually  more then 25%, but the climbing ability  is decline when the  seats increase. Because  mini golf cart  has this characteristic, so they can run freely on the golf course and many other places. Our electric mini golf car  for sale one full  charge can run about 80 kilometers, and  the charge  time is about 8-10 hours.

How to maintain the mini electric golf car for sale? We have some suggestion as follow:

1. Avoid storing without electricity. If the electric car run out of the electricity and you  don’t  charge them in time  will cause prone to sulfate and the sulfate crystals attached to the plate, blocking the ion channel, resulting in insufficient charging, battery capacity decreased. The longer the power loss state stay , the more serious the battery damage is. When the car is standby , it should be charged once a month, which can prolong the service time of the battery.

2.Regular inspection is needed. If the  mileage of the electric car suddenly drops by more than ten kilometers in a short period of time then you need to check the battery , if found something is wrong , you need to deal with this problem at once.

3.Avoiding  high current discharge.

High current discharge can easily lead to the crystallization of lead sulfate, thus damaging the physical properties of the battery plate.

4. Control the charging time. Usually, we will charge  the car at night, and the charging time is about 8 hours. If the electric car still have much electricity, it will takes less time of full charge, if  they are over charging  will cause the battery to lose water and heat, reduce the battery’s life.

 Guangzhou Langqing Electric Car Co., Ltd  was founded in 2000  located in Nansha district Guangzhou , China and has about 20 years experience in dealing with various kind of electric car at home and abroad. Our main product as follow mini  golf cart, electric sightseeing car, electric patrol car, electric freight car, electric utility car, electric classic car, electric ambulance car, electric tow tractor and small city bus and the rest. We are taking part in the 127 on line  Canton Fair trade show and our booth number is 13.0B30-32, warmly welcome you to visit our live broadcast.

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