Is there a simple way to set fingerprint lock?

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July 20, 2019
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July 20, 2019

Is there a simple way to set fingerprint lock?

The society is constantly improving. Nowadays, many door locks do not need keys to open. In order to ensure the safety of their homes, many people have already replaced their fingerprints. We are not bothered by forgetting to bring the keys. However, many families have come up with new fingerprint locks. That is how to set up the fingerprint lock? Today I will come with everyone to see how to set up the fingerprint lock method and fingerprint unlocking advantages and disadvantages!

How to set the fingerprint lock method

  1. Press the “ENT” button on the rear panel and enter the administrator’s fingerprint to enter the management menu. Select the “Enter User” submenu under the “User Management” menu, and select “Enter Manager” or “Enter User” on the submenu. First official login
    You must select the “entry manager”.
  2. According to the display screen of the home smart door lock, the new user needs to gently press the finger on the fingerprint collection device, the collection instrument capture light flashes, and the first time to collect fingerprints.

The core function of the fingerprint lock:
Password, swipe, fingerprint, mechanical unlock, APP remote unlock!
Password function: Enter the password to wake up and unlock. With anti-peep function, if the password is leaked, you can modify it at any time.
Swipe function: Enter the card information into the lock, and then you can swipe the card to unlock it, especially for the elderly!
Mechanical unlocking: use the key to unlock (this product is an idle lock cylinder, and the technology is unlocked for more than 270 minutes)

Fingerprint unlocking: The semiconductor fingerprint head, the fingerprint is the unique feature of each person. There is no risk of being stolen and copied. It is easy to use. This product also has a self-learning function. Every time the lock is properly unlocked, the fingerprint will be recorded.

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