Is there a good way to implement a smart door lock system?

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July 20, 2019
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Is there a good way to implement a smart door lock system?

Locking systems work well in principle, but a couple of things to think about:

  1. Is there a delay between the room being booked and the door being locked?
  2. Can you unlock the door from the inside? In other words, if your session over-runs, are you going to get locked in?
  3. What if there’s an IT failure. How will people get into the rooms?
    Your QR code approach is unique, as far as I’m aware. Most automated systems just unlock if the room is booked, regardless of who it’s booked for – and who turns up!

That sounds like a cool idea. I am currently working for a startup that offers smart door lock system and I think it will help you a lot because it does similar features to what you are considering plus our product is already used in offices and buildings worldwide (i.e. Cushman & Wakefield’s NY headquarters, Alley NYC and fast-growing startups such as Casper and Oscar) . Basically, you use your smartphone (Android, Apple, Windows Phone) to unlock the door. As for the scanning of the device via a card reader to unlock the door, we are in the midst of developing the feature by leveraging on Near Field Communication technology to enable it.

Electronic is the best typical battery-powered of smart door lock, with a battery life of around 2-3 years. If the batteries run out, you can always use the mechanical keyhole that’s still in place. Smart home devices help in managing your homes using simple yet effective gadgets such as smart door lock.

NFC card is probably a better idea. In general, it is better than QR code solution. It’s doesn’t depend on the lighting to perform correctly. Faster recognition speed and physically more reliable. I don’t think using NFC will be harder than using QR code, more likely it will be easier.

It’s better to create a password-based smart door lock system. In such case, if you enter the correct password them only you allow to enter in the room. You can find many helpful tutorials on the Internet.

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