Is life with smart door locks no longer awkward? (II)

Is life with smart door locks no longer awkward? (I)
July 12, 2019
Is smart fingerprint door lock a cottage?
July 12, 2019

Is life with smart door locks no longer awkward? (II)

Scene 3: Old people and children go home and know remotely.
Another practical feature of smart door locks is remote control, especially for families with elderly and children. Most parents need to go to work, they can’t bring their own children, they can only rely on the elderly or aunts. The installation of smart door locks allows parents to better grasp the child’s whereabouts and reassure parents. Smart door locks LH700 series, in the office, can also remotely unlock the elderly and children at home, so that they can open the door for them because they have no key to go back to work. Exceptions can also be used to check all the opening records on the APP. You can know when the old man goes out and when he goes home anytime and anywhere; if the child goes home after school, etc. This information can help parents better understand the situation at home, and if there is an abnormality, they can find it in time. If the child does not return home on time, the parent can call the child after receiving the information to find out if there is an accident, even if there is a problem, they can take action in time.

Scene 4: Renting a house, visiting relatives and friends, housekeeping services, Safe and secure.
A large part of the smart door locks in the market are rented homeowners, and smart door locks can save a lot of money for the landlord. The smart door locks can be set to unlock the password and is accurate to the effective time of the password. For example, a short-rent house can be set up with a password on the phone and shared with the tenant. The password will take effect on the day of the rental, and the password will automatically expire on the day of check-out. In this way, when the lease is full, the old password will no longer open the door. For the current short-term rental owners, there is no need to hand over the customer, provide the key, recycle the key, and all can be contacted by mobile phone. For ordinary rental housing, the owner can better manage his house, and the tenant does not need to worry about Safety issues and needs to replace the Lock. When ordinary family and friends visit, if you have just not returned home, you can share a temporary password through your mobile phone. Friends and relatives can enter the house through this one-time password, and you don’t have to try to get back to open the door. When using a housekeeping service, you can also share a one-time password that is only valid for the specified time period. This way, there is no need to give the aunt a spare key, nor is it afraid that strangers will enter the house when they do not know.

Scene 5: There is an abnormal situation at the door, and the police will promptly report the alarm.
For security reasons, the general smart door locks will have its own alarm system. For example, when the smart door lock is opened in an abnormal way, it will make a sharp alarm sound, so that the owner and the community security will be notified at the first time, so as to prevent the damage, and the smart Lock is truly rooted. Eliminate the hidden danger of “stolen” and protect the Safety of the family in all aspects.

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