Is life with smart door locks no longer awkward? (I)

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July 11, 2019
Is life with smart door locks no longer awkward? (II)
July 12, 2019

Is life with smart door locks no longer awkward? (I)

Mobile phones, home appliances, and the Internet, it seems that these three parties are not much related, but they have come together under the guidance of the concept of smart home, and suddenly people feel “unexpected”! But think about it. The current situation, such cross-border cooperation is not a good thing, maybe it can really make a small move in the field of smart home?

Perhaps the popularity of smart homes has not yet been realized, but smart homes that can really solve the pain points of life, such as smart door locks. Smart door locks open the entrance to “future life” and bring great convenience to life.

Scene 1: Just like going out without a wallet, the key should be “retired.”
Since the payment of Alipay and WeChat, Chinese people don’t have to bring a wallet even if they buy a pancake fruit by the road. Virtual payment brings great convenience to life, and smart door locks can also solve the trouble of going out. Before going out to confirm whether the “key money” is complete, forgetting to bring a wallet and forget to bring the key is the most headache. Now, the keys and wallets can be retired. Different from traditional door Locks, smart door locks are first manifested in the unlocking mode. Most of the smart door locks on the market can automatically set a variety of unlock modes, in addition to the traditional key, you can also use the password, fingerprint, smart sensor, swipe card and other means to unlock. From then on, you can lose a bunch of heavy and afraid keys that will be lost.

Scene 2: After completing the express delivery and buying the dishes, you do not need to open the door by hand.
No need to use traditional keys, it is just a piece of cake for smart door locks, and smart door locks can actually solve many pain points in life. In this convenient era, taking express delivery has become a way of life. Especially in the Taobao Festival like “Double 11”, many people even receive the soft hand. When you come home with a large, small piece of courier, you have to put down the courier and take out the key to open the door. This is a disappointing thing. The smart door locks can perfectly eliminate this trouble. For example, the fingerprint lock can be unlocked only by tapping the fingerprint. There is also a lazy unlocking method, the smart door locks can be opened by the card, gently sensed, and the door opens. For the same reason, for the housewife who needs to buy food every day, the card sensing function of the smart door locks can also bring convenience. Even if the two hands are full of big fish, you can easily open the door without using a key.

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