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Young woman opening hotel room electronic lock with key card

Hotel managers are probably always dipped into the ocean of information every day, and some of the unwanted or emergent situations seem inevitable anyway, which can make daily management even more overwhelming and exhausting. But how efficiently and accurately one deals with problems is one of the most important factors in evaluating the quality of a hotel.

Considering these main problems and concerns the hotel managers have to face every day, what is essentially needed are actually just an integrated, organized and comprehensive management system and the high-security level key card locks. Yet, in fact, unfortunately, these two have rarely been done together by most of the most mainstream brands. Based on this, we reckoned, as a hotel manager, you may wanna know about HUNE, we are one of the top 3 door lock manufacturers in China with more than 26 years of experience. We tried and now we can offer a solution to this.

By examining the current market like that, the solution consisting of the hotel lock system and the hotel key card lock. Let’s see how this solution can give an answer to the problems. The system has four basic components: a cloud server, a router, a switch, gateways, a personal computer, a door lock management software/PMS (such as OPERA) and key card encoder. Install the PMS in your computer and connect the encoder to the computer via USB, then use NFC app to synchronous lock management software information, lastly, simple touch the locks with the mobile phone to set the information. Now the process is completed, the key cards are ready to be assigned to the guests. The system can store up to 64000 locks’ information at the same time, and most importantly, to help you constructed an integrated, organized and comprehensive management system. We have earned the qualifications to integrate our management software to the most widely used PMS, OPERA, with the certificate KYU5003-091. Also, it equipped with the SQL database which allows more than one user’s computer to issue the key cards at the same time. Hence, with this highly integrated system, many management operations can be performed more efficiently and accurately.

As for the hotel key card locks, they are designed to achieve high-level security and convenience. They can work perfectly between the humidity 20% to 80% and between -10℃to 60℃, only 4 standard AAA batteries to afford more than 9 months of use. All of the products received multiple certificates such as the UL certificate, the BHMA, etc. With all the features we managed to offer, the products should reach a high quality of duration, stability, and security. We believe they will be able to meet your requirements and boost your management.

More functions and alternatives and different versions of the system are available. If you were looking for the right hotel key card lock, we hope all this information would be useful. You also can check out our official site for more details.
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