Importance of the Proper Installation of Aluminum Light Poles

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September 16, 2019
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Importance of the Proper Installation of Aluminum Light Poles

You might like the look of aluminum light poles. Whether you choose square or round, these poles are more popular than ever. This is due to their impressive strength-to-weight ratio because they are both strong and lightweight. In addition, they are highly resistant to corrosion. These advantages and recyclability make aluminum light poles ideal for sustainable projects and harsh environments.

Aluminum is a good material when you prioritize strength and reliability. However, the installer is just as important as the various light poles. If your pole is not installed properly, you may lose the benefits of lighting. The sloppy installation of the wrong person can damage all aspects of the reliability from the light to your safety.

1. Properly mounted aluminum light poles help you avoid destructive vibration
Not all vibrations are harmful, but as time passes, cracks begin to form and then spread along the sides of the rod, and the destructive form can cause severe damage. If the movement of the poles in both directions is not equal, it is usually just a swing, so there is no need to worry.

On the other hand, if it constantly moves back and forth an equal distance and the motion is based on the center of the polar axis rather than the top, you will see potentially damaging vibrations. Eventually, this can result in pole-axis cracking and falling, breaking over the portion of the base that the welds hold together.

There are many factors that cause the magnetic pole to vibrate. These include the shape of the pole, the surrounding environment, and the installation. Anyone who installs will need to follow appropriate guidelines for the size and type of the pole, as each pole can withstand a certain load. If your installer uses the wrong luminaire, it will inevitably produce damaging vibrations.

2. The installer should protect you from electric shock
Each installation will have its requirements based on the customer’s needs and location. However, the unchanging aspect is the importance of security. The pole unit is protected by electrical engineering and is always a dangerous area for non-professionals. Improper installation of electrical equipment can pose a safety hazard, and aluminum light poles are no exception.

Your installation procedures must comply with applicable local codes and requirements. Therefore, they need to provide proper electrical grounding. Failure to do so may result in serious violations of important safety regulations. Worse, this can be very dangerous for you and anyone who touches the pole.

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