How’s the industry of smart door lock in China?

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How’s the industry of smart door lock in China?

In the summer of 2018, the smart door lock industry has also ushered in a hot development period. In the first half of 2018, China’s smart door lock industry has achieved rapid development, laying the foundation for rapid development in the next five years.

The order data of the smart door lock industry in the first half of 2018 exceeded the number of nearly doubled in 2017, and exceeded the production and sales volume in 2017, reaching 8.3 million sets.

And there are data showing that the actual shipments are close to the production and sales volume for the whole year of 2017. The optimistic estimate is that if the current situation is developed, it is expected that the growth of China’s smart door locks will double in 2017 compared with 2017.

Overall, the development of China’s smart door lock industry has taken a new step. The number of brands and the number of production enterprises in the whole industry are further increasing. As of the end of June 2018, there are more than 3,500 smart door lock brands in China. The number of masters exceeds 1,500, which is close to or even exceeds the number of enterprises above the scale of traditional mechanical locks.

Among them, the head enterprise has undergone major changes. From the data point of view, the monthly production and sales volume of the head enterprise TOP20 in the first half of the year has risen from 6,000 sets to 12,000 sets, and the monthly output and sales volume of the largest single enterprise has broken. The 70,000-set mark is basically the same as the annual production and sales data of a TOP20 tail company last year.

Moreover, from the perspective of production and sales data, as of the first half of the year, the overall business of TOP20 has not changed much, but some enterprises in Zhejiang have entered the list of TOP20, and their production and sales volume has remained above 10,000 sets/month.

From the production point of view, Guangdong Xiaolan and its surrounding areas, Zhejiang Yongkang and its surrounding power are very obvious, its production and sales data rises very fast, Zhejiang Wenzhou and Guangdong Shenzhen are relatively flat, Guangdong Foshan and Zhejiang Hangzhou and other places, although the number of enterprises is small, However, large enterprises are relatively concentrated and the overall development speed is in the middle.

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