How to choose the electronic hotel locks?

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July 11, 2019
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July 12, 2019

How to choose the electronic hotel locks?

There are many electronic hotel locks options, such as IC Lock, RF sensor Lock, TM Lock and so on. However, in most domestic Hotels, IC Locks are used. There are two main reasons for choosing IC Locks:
First, the technology of IC Lock has developed for so many years, the technology is very mature, so the price is generally very low.
Second, the IC card Lock once called the king on the stage of history. Because it technically revolutionized the electronic hotel locks than before, and it solved many problems.

However, new Hotels generally do not use IC card Locks because the emergence of RF sensing technology has changed the concept of contact. RF sensing technology can read the open information through induction, which greatly facilitates the innovation of other related technologies. Now the easiest thing we can see is that the stored value card in the public transport system and our new generation of ID cards are products brought by RF sensing technology.

In terms of the Hotel, the general design of the sensor Lock is sealed. There is no need to make a slot to read the card like the IC Lock. It can be read by placing it in the sensing area, and the speed is open, so the guest can easily judge.

The use of the IC card in the Hotel will cause the IC card chip to fall off or be damaged due to the incorrect card and long-term use of the guest card, and also cause damage to the card reader portion of the door Lock, and the consumption is still large. The inductive Lock is different. Because it is non-contact sensing, the Lock itself is not damaged by the card reading, and the proximity card is not damaged by the contact card. The sensor card can be used as long as it is not broken or violently damaged. For decades.

The Hotel should choose the electronic hotel locks to fully understand the market, understand the performance and characteristics of the electronic hotel locks and then choose to cooperate directly with the manufacturer. There are many manufacturers of induction Locks. When choosing, they should look at the manufacturers from their products, and look at the manufacturers from their technical development. Because manufacturers with independent research and development of electronic hotel locks often have a deep understanding of products and technologies, they can quickly find problems and propose solutions when problems arise.

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