How to choose sauna heaters?

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August 30, 2019
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How to choose sauna heaters?


The sauna heaters are the center of the sauna. Careful consideration should be given to the choice of the heater to best suit your sauna performance. There are many factors you choose.

Determine the size of the heater required. The size of the heater is kilowatts (KW). The amount of KW required is based on the cubic volume of the sauna. Length X width x height.

Almost all types of sauna heaters are electric and require 220 power supplies and a dedicated circuit breaker. Make sure these are available for the space you specify. Natural gas and propane heaters are available, but at least 300 cubic feet of room, the price is about twice.

Do you want to install a wall-mounted controller on the wall outside the sauna, or do you want to control it on the heater? Pros and cons. Many people like the convenience of flipping the wall directly and opening it, others like to control, they can sit in the sauna, they can adjust the temperature or reset the timer.

Most saunas have wall controllers or heater controls with 2 knobs, 60-minute timers, and thermostats. This is the standard configuration for most units. There are also some high-tech heaters with digital control panels that can be preset and memorized. The heater mounting controls are easier to install.

Consider the appearance and external heat. Do you want an all stainless steel heater? Painted? Heat resistant outer coating? If you have control over the heater, do you want them at the top or bottom? All of these factors will help you narrow down your choices.

Most residential sauna heaters have mounting brackets that are mounted on the wall about 8-10 inches. In addition to the size of the heater, the bracket requires an additional 2 inches and the wooden shield around the heater takes 3 to 4 inches. Some models do not require guards, so these may be a better choice for close-up space.

Allow ventilation. The sauna should have a downward vent through the heater and the other up through the room diagonal for the heater to function properly.

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