How much do you know about hotel lock?

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July 15, 2019
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July 16, 2019

How much do you know about hotel lock?

You may be interested in hotel lock system and wondering how it works. In fact, hotel lock is part of the series of electronic commercial door locks, which has different requirements from that of household electronic door locks. Household electronic door lockers require many opening methods for convenience while the hotel electronic door locker requires a single or a uniform way to open the door, which is conducive to the realization of management. How to program hotel lock? The hotel lock has evolved from the original mechanical lock to the current electronic door lock, and then the electronic door lock is combined with the hotel management to form the hotel’s system network, which is developing rapidly, especially with the emergence of electronic door lock.
The hotel smart card door lock is sealed, which is not necessary for people to make a slot to read the card like the IC lock. It can be read by putting it in the sensing area. The sensor lock is basically non-contact type so it is not easily destroyed by contact or reading. The sensor card can be used for several decades as long as it is not broken or violently damaged.
The hotel should choose the qualified hotel lock supplier when purchasing hotel room security door locks or hotel room security devices. Because manufacturers with independent research and development of electronic locks often have a deep understanding of products and technologies, they can quickly find problems and propose solutions when problems arise. They also need to look at the workmanship of the electronic lock is meticulously. In general, the weight of a good lock is often several times heavier than the normal ones.
Hotel managers can also do some modifications to the electronic lock according to the requirements of your hotel. If the competent manufacturers can meet your requirements, they can also provide the interface of the hotel software for modification instead of asking hotel to make adjustments to the function of the electronic lock.
In addition, advanced hotels also use fingerprint door lock with fingerprint door lock screen, which is smart lock and is the perfect crystallization of computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and modern hardware technology. The characteristics of fingerprints have become the most important evidence for identity and have been widely used in public security criminal investigation and judicial field.
Fingerprint authentication is convenient, fast and accurate. With the popularization of technology and the development of smart homes, more and more people are beginning to choose fingerprint locks.

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