How is the aluminum profile produced?

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July 24, 2019
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July 24, 2019

How is the aluminum profile produced?

Everybody knows that the section of aluminum profile is strange, and the metal of other material does not make such effect. This is related to the characteristics of aluminum profiles. The industrial aluminum profile that we see commonly belongs to 6 series aluminum alloy, and 6 series aluminum alloy belongs to deformation aluminum alloy, can be formed through extrusion namely.
The production process of aluminum profile is introduced below:

  1. Fused cast:
    (1) Ingredients: according to the specific alloy brand required to be produced, the amount of adding various alloy components is calculated, and various raw materials are reasonably arranged.
    (2) Smelting: the prepared raw materials shall be added into the melting furnace to be melted according to the technological requirements, and the stray slag and gas in the melt can be effectively removed by means of degassing and slag refining.
    (3) casting: molten aluminum liquid can be cooled and cast into round rods of various specifications through deep well casting system under certain casting conditions.
  2. Squeezing:
    The mold is designed and manufactured according to the section of profile product, and the heated round casting bar is extruded from the mold by extruder. The commonly used brand 6063 aluminum alloy, when extruding, is also used in an air-cooled quenching process and its post-artificial aging process to complete heat treatment hardening. The heat treatment system is different for different brands of heat-treatable fortified alloys.
  3. Surface treatment: Extruded aluminum profile, its surface corrosion resistance is not strong, it must be anodized for surface treatment to increase the corrosion resistance, wear resistance and appearance of aluminum.

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