How effective is fingerprint security door lock?

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July 20, 2019
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July 20, 2019

How effective is fingerprint security door lock?

Carrying around keys is a hassle and it’s always difficult to make replacements and carry them here and there. You are always at the risk of losing your keys or someone taking advantage of multiple copies of the key. All this makes fingerprint security door lock far more practical and useful as compared to keys. All you need to do is scan your fingerprints and you have access to your home, no one can certainly steal your fingerprints unlike your keys. Only those whose prints are stored in the memory can access the house which can include your kids or spouse. Keep in mind the product and company that you are purchasing the product from.

Biometrics are particularly used for identification. Fingerprints, facial measurements, the pattern that your veins make and even the way you walk all these are methods which is used in Biometric. Fingerprint biometric is as effective as others are. The biometric door locks are very useful from the security purpose of your house. You can buy a variety of door locks from protection kart. They have a huge range of affordable door locks which you can choose for your security purpose.

Fingerprint security door lock, as the name suggests, requires fingerprints to open the door. All I know that although there are many people in the world, they can’t find two people with the same fingerprint, so this greatly improves the safety of the indoor environment. No need to worry about safety at home, whether indoors or outdoors.

Advantages: The security of the security door fingerprint lock is obvious to all. Therefore, in addition to some ordinary families who trust such products, real estate developers are also very reliant on such products. In order to prove that their building safety factor is high, they often put fingerprint security door locks on the door of the new house has played a big role in the sales of their buildings.

Disadvantages: It is easy to steal fingerprint information. The biometric characteristics of each person are unique. Therefore, the scanning surface area is large, and the key must be carried around. The design of the relevant national standards is accompanied by a set of mechanical emergency opening, which has potential safety hazards, is easy to be copied, and is peeled.
Compared with the anti-theft door lock, the fingerprint security door lock has a higher safety factor.

Fingerprint refers to the uneven texture on the front side of the finger. Although the fingerprint is only a small part of the human skin, it contains a lot of information. These lines are different in pattern, breakpoint and intersection. They are called “features”, and they have been medically proven to be different from each finger, and these features are unique and permanent, so we can associate a person with his fingerprint by comparing his fingerprint characteristics and pre-saved fingerprint features can help verify his true identity. Therefore, the above characteristics of fingerprints have become the most important evidence for identifying identity and are widely used in public security criminal investigation and judicial field.

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