How can I seal cracks in quartz countertop?

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July 9, 2019
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How can I seal cracks in quartz countertop?

How can I seal cracks in quartz countertop? Followings are some tips.

  1. Examine the damage to determine what type of filler you should use. The location of the damage is an important consideration. Generally, a thinner glue works best on horizontal surfaces, but vertical surfaces require a thicker glue to prevent it from running down the sides of the stone after application.
  2. Apply acetone with a cloth to clean the area before you begin. Protect your eyes with safety glasses and wear gloves to protect your skin. If non-quartz surfaces are nearby, cover them with drop cloths to prevent damage from spills. After you clean the area, allow the acetone to completely evaporate before you continue. Avoid using high alkaline solvents, bleach or acid-based cleaners, as these may cause additional damage.
  3. Place the tip of your glue container over the crack quartz countertops and squeeze the tube lightly until the glue starts to come out. Do not fill the crack completely right away. Instead, lay down thin layers of glue in the crack and allow each layer to cure before adding the next. Drying times vary among different brands of glue, but they are generally fairly quick, so see the instructions on your glue for the recommended drying time. Continue to fill the crack in small layers until your final layer dries just above the counter’s surface.
  4. Shave away excess glue to make the repair flush with the rest of the stone. Hold a razor blade at a 90-degree angle to the surface and gently scrape its edge along the glue. This will gradually shave away excess glue until the surface is flush. Alternate your direction, shaving the glue first from one side and then from the other, and above all be patient. Spending more time pressing lightly will yield better results, while pressing hard or forcing the razor to save time may dislodge the glue from the crack.
  5. Allow the glue to dry completely for 24 hours and then wipe the surface clean.

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