How can I get the best-quality quartz countertops?

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July 10, 2019
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July 10, 2019

How can I get the best-quality quartz countertops?

Through the following introduction, you will understand what the characteristics of low-quality quartz countertops and best-quality quartz countertops. It will also tell you how to identify these types of quartz worktops so that you can use them when buying the kitchen countertops.
High-grade quartz countertops mainly use aluminum hydroxide and pure methyl methacrylate as raw materials. High-grade quartz countertops have good processability, non-toxic, odorless, and are not easy to break and deform, and have good physical and chemical properties. At the same time it has stable quality, visual color purity, fine material particles, uniform color, good UV resistance. In addition, manufacturers have a certain scale, brand, reputation are very good, has a perfect after-sales service system, individual manufacturers have professional security signs, product certification and maintenance manuals.

  1. Check: First check whether the artificial stone products have quality system certification, anti-counterfeit signs, quality inspection reports, etc.
  2. Scratch: Use a fingernail to scratch the surface of the board and check for any scratches.
  3. Look: visual product color is pure, the surface has no similar plastic gum texture, and the front of the plate has no pores.
  4. Touch: Hand touch the surface of the sample, no sense of astringent, there is a sense of silk, no obvious level of unevenness, smooth interface.
  5. Smell: No smell of nasal odor, chemical smell.
  6. Hit: The same two samples hit each other, not easy to break.
  7. Burn: take a slender strip of artificial stone and put it on fire. The artificial stone is easily burned with poor quality. It is also very flammable. The artificial stone with good quality cannot be burned unless it is supplemented with combustion-supporting. Things, and will automatically extinguish.
  8. Drop: look at its hardness and strength, take a piece of material and hardly drop on the cement floor. Poor quality man-made stone will fall into many pieces of comminuted and good quality at best will be two or three pieces. If you don’t use enough force, you can bounce off the ground.

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