Have high-tech smart door locks become the Hotel’s killer hardware products?

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September 25, 2019
November 14, 2019

Have high-tech smart door locks become the Hotel’s killer hardware products?

From the Internet to the mobile Internet, to the Internet of Things era of the Internet of Everything, smart home is undeniably one of the inevitable outcomes of the Internet of things, and high-tech smart door locks are one of the important scene roles. Nowadays, many companies integrate intelligence into their products. As a rising sunrise industry, smart products are increasingly recognized by consumers and are increasingly demanding them.

Although the traditional room keys are not completely extinct, mobile keyless technology has caused a stir in the Hotel industry. Modern guests are constantly showing an interest in increasing the convenience of mobile features.

First, let us believe in a scenario: After a long trip, you just rolled your luggage into the Hotel lobby. When you look at the team at the front desk, you silently hope that the registration process will be completed quickly, so you can settle down right away. After registering with the Hotel reception, you take the room key and walk to your room and open the high-tech smart door locks. Insert the key card into the slot and you will wait to hear the “di” turn on the sound and then push the door open.

This is what we have all experienced. Although the traditional room key is not nearly completely extinct, the mobile keyless technology has already set off an uproar in the hotel field by the emergence of high-tech smart door locks. Modern guests, especially those of the millennial and younger generations, continue to show interest in increasing the convenience of mobile functionality. This welfare is conceptualized in the form of integrated Hotel applications, mobile registration and mobile keys. In fact, it is reported that guests using digital keys are generally 7 percentage points higher than those using key cards.

HUNE has become the top 3 digital lock manufacturer in China. As a smart digital door lock factory, HUNE can offer hotel card lock, keypad lock, fingerprint lock, code door lock, biometric door lock, etc., to meet your various requirements such as hotel project, office project, residential project or even smart home project.

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