Electric Cargo Truck 2020.6.22

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May 19, 2020
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Electric Cargo Truck 2020.6.22

Our company, Guangzhou Langqing Electric Car Co., Ltd., is a professional and reliable electric vehicle manufacturer, which was founded in 2000. Today, we introduce our electric cargo truck, also called electric truck or electric freight car in short.

Electric cargo truck is our main product of our company. They are divided into models by loading capacity, with box or not, basic or new style.

  1. We have 900KG, 1200KG loading capacity. Model# LQF090, LQF090M, LQF092 and LQF092M has 900KG loading capacity while LQF120, LQF120M, LQF122 and LQF122M for 1200KG loading capacity. Furthermore, we also have 2000KG and 3000KG loading capacity. We are also developing the bigger loading capacity models.
  • Now, you may raise a question. What’s the difference between LQF120 and LQF120M? And what does M stand for? Actually, M means the electric truck model with box. For box material, there are 3 options available: metal, stainless steel and composite material. The model with metal box has competitive price for loading most of cargo except food. If for food, you need to choose stainless steel box, some customers also select composite material because of its light weight.
  • LQF090, LQF090M, LQF120 and LQF120M are our basic electric cargo truck models. We have produced these models for almost 20 years and have been improving them from configuration, appearance and other aspects. So, they are known as good cost performance by our customers. In order to meet the needs of customers for new products, we also developed new style LQF092, LQF092M, LQF122 and LQF122M, doors can be installed for driver cabin for the new models.

These electric cargo trucks are usually used in factories, warehouses, parks, resorts and hospitals for transporting cargo.

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