Do you know the electric flagpole?

Introduction of stainless steel flagpole
November 14, 2019
How to find a good garden light pole?
November 14, 2019

Do you know the electric flagpole?

If you are searching for the electric flagpole, you have come to the proper place. That’s because the YAOLONG stainless steel flagpole provider and aluminum light pole manufacturers carry absolutely any size flagpole at the assured most lifelike price. The electrical two flagpoles can be used for grand games, usually made from stainless steel 304/316L, these two kinds of uncooked fabric both are high-strength and finest. For the sake of aesthetics, the flap pole surface has been polished, to make it looks solemn, generous, beautiful that fashioned. In addition, can increase and decrease the flagpole by way of far off manipulating lifting, the winch consists of an automatic brake machine to allow locking of the flag in any position.
Relative data about the electric flagpole

Electric flagpole accessories: Top finial, SS hanging poles, Direction beads, Stainless steel rope, Handle, Electric winch, Powder Supply, Flagpole base

Electric flagpole surface treatment:
Satin brushed finished,Gold titanium finished,Red anti-brass finished,Clear anodized finished,Powder coat finished.

Electric flagpole packaging:

  1. Use a plastic bag as the first layer of packaging;
  2. Use bubble paper as the second layer package;
  3. Use PE sheet as the third layer packaging;
  4. Use a carton as an accessory;
  5. If the poles are installed in an LCL container, a wooden box is required to protect them from damage during shipment.

For the electric flagpole installation, we have six most important steps:

  1. Install the embedded bolts.
  2. Install the top finial ball.
  3. Use the crane to lift up and install the flag pole on to the base plate, fasten and lock & tighten with four nuts.
  4. Install the striking poles and electric winch.
  5. Adjust the vertical attitude of the flagpole so that the flagpole is absolutely perpendicular to the ground.
  6. Having the lift check to ensure the ordinary operation of the flagpole.

The electric flagpole push movement replaced the manpower and raised the flag to a unique position on the top of the flagpole. It can be remotely managed by placing the entire process. It can be controlled remotely. Flag raising tools and transmission equipment. The hoisting rope is no longer entangled, the energy is small, there is no noise, the rope movement is flexible, and the simple and excessive transmission efficiency is satisfied. With intensity failure emergency function. When the electric flagpole encounters a power failure, the user can open the motion operating door with a key and use the alternating crank handle to rock the iron core to the entire flagpole to raise or lower the flagpole.

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