Huang, Claire

十月 8, 2019

Have high-tech smart door locks become the Hotel’s killer hardware products?

Everything, smart home is undeniably one of the inevitable outcomes of the Internet of things, and high-tech smart door locks are one of the important scene roles.
九月 25, 2019

Importance of the Proper Installation of Aluminum Light Poles

Properly mounted aluminum light poles help you avoid destructive vibration, and the installer should protect you from electric shock.
九月 16, 2019

The smart door lock can bring great convenience to people’s lives!

Bluetooth Smart Door Lock is a device that uses Bluetooth to unlock mobile phones. The way of unlocking is not single. It can be accessed, password and mechanical key.
九月 10, 2019

How about the materials of the door handle?

What materials are used in door handle? As we know the door handle has many different materials, and different materials can provide different enjoyment.